img 03Polystyrene foam can be carved to create one-off architectural features or to create large and complex fibreglass moulds for the production of multiple objects.

Polystyrene provides an excellent base for production of large and complex fibreglass pull moulds and plugs where multiple end-products are required. Single use moulds can also be created quickly using polystyrene and are ideal for casting words, numbers or artistic elements to add interest to stark concrete surfaces or to create unique standalone features.
Male or female mould surfaces can be extracted from an electronic model and enhanced to make provision for parting lines, alignment dowels and trim allowances. Once the mould design is completed, the piece is machined from blocks of medium density polystyrene foam. The machined polystyrene is then filled and sanded to produce a smooth surface. After smoothing, the polystyrene is coated with a thick polyurethane hard coating which protects the foam, makes the mould rigid and provides a lightweight support structure. The hard coat provides an excellent surface for fibreglass release agents.


Interior Design Features
ICS has produced a wide variety of of lightweight interior design elements - ranging from simple architrave profiles to columns, arches and elaborately carved wall features. Timber elements can also be carved to create freeform curves as shown on the front face of this island bench to frame a corrugated iron kick panel.


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