img 06Many customers’ requirements can be satisfied using our computer controlled (CNC) hotwire cutting equipment in lieu of the more costly and time consuming 3-axis carving techniques used for more complex models.

We can cut polystyrene foam to virtually any size and shape, from simple sheets and blocks to lettering, architectural forms and aerofoil profiles. This process is often ideal for products required in corporate exhibitions, window displays, stage props, signage, packaging and hobby applications. Provide us with a dimensioned sketch, sample or electronic image or CAD (dxf) file and we can give you a firm quote.


Polystyrene foam letters
Lettering can be produced in any windows based font and in any size up to the size of the raw block 2400mm x 1200mm x 600mm.Anything larger may need to be segmented for transportation.

Giant polystyrene logos can give your company a larger than life presence at corporate exhibitions and presentations. We can work from most digital formats (dwg, aif, jpg etc.), although vector based formats are best for enlargements.

Shapes & sculptures
We can cut most shapes and simple carvings based on lines and curves such as spheres, cones and pyramids.

Builders’ void formers
Builders often use polystyrene foam where complex shapes are required in concrete void forms. When produced in polystyrene foam, void form boards can be easily shaped, and they are easily burnt out or broken out once concrete has set.

Packaging liners
Polystyrene foam is very effective and inexpensive as packaging for contoured or flat sided items.


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