img 04The light weight, versatility and low cost of polystyrene foam make the material ideal for signage, stage props and trade display themes. 

Planning a special exhibition or celebration and want to add that something extra to enhance the decor? Our 3D signs may be just what you need. We offer painted polystyrene characters in your choice of font and size at a very affordable price. These are popular for birthdays and anniversaries, and they come painted and decorated with glitter and stars if required.
Our SHOP offers a low cost, standard range of lettering which is available at very short notice.


Trade Display
For a trade display, the client needed a set of Roman arches featuring a crest in the keystone. The arches had to be finished with a sandstone texture and had to be easily transportable and simple to setup and disassemble. In this instance Industrial Carving Services were commissioned to produce concept and detail drawings and to carve and finish the arches. It was essential for the arches to fit within the confines of the display booth without impinging on the floor space.

Celebration Signs
Personalised signage at a celebration can have high impact at a surprisingly low cost. Nothing makes the birthday boy or girl feel more special.

Advertising Props
Lettering can be produced in any windows based font and in any size up to the size of a raw block of polystyrene at 2400mm x 1200mm x 600mm. Anything larger may need to be segmented for transportation. Giant polystyrene logos can give your company a larger than life presence at corporate exhibitions and presentations.

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