SuperchargerAt ICS much of our work comes in as electronic 3D models. However, where an electronic 3D model doesn’t already exist we can 3D scan a customer’s sample to develop the electronic model required for computerised carving. Where a customer is starting with little more than a concept, drawing or photograph, our artists can work with the customer to produce clay models suitable for scanning.

Our designers regularly need to modify, rescale or improve the electronic designs to meet customers’ specific requirements. For this work we normally use programs such as Rhinoceros NURBS Modelling for Windows and work with file formats including: iges, stl, obj, 3ds, etc.
For 2D models we can work from most file formats (dwg, aif, jpg etc.), although vector based formats are best for enlargements.


In this instance a small plaster frog was scanned using our white light scanner and then enlarged and edited to design a polystyrene mould from which the final concrete sculpture was created.